2017 Awards of Excellence Winner

Out of the 1,700+ companies exhibiting at the 2017 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show, ProductionHUB announced that The SkyTechno Camera Crane has been selected as 1 of the 13 recipients of the prestigious 2017 Awards of Excellence!

More than six million people rely on ProductionHUB each year for the best in production services, recruitment and staffing. The Awards of Excellence recognizes standouts in technological innovation and practice from the NAB Show Floor, the anchor event of the industry. Recipients of this award blaze the path of technological advancement, demonstrating excellence every step of the way. ProductionHUB used a combination of the following criteria to finalize their selections: nomination form entries, expert opinion from industry icons and the ProductionHUB leadership team, and direct feedback from attendees at the show. Read More...

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The First and Only Inverted Telescoping Camera Crane

The SkyTechno is the First and Only Inverted Telescoping Camera Crane in the World.

It is mounted up in the lighting grid with dolly track attached to lighting truss. It is 100% encoded which gives it the ability to track through graphics and images. It has a stableized 2 axis remote Talon head. It has 360 degree capabilities with the arm and the remote head. The Skytechno can also tilt down at a 45 degree angle 24’ below the grid. It comes with 30’ of dolly track that is easily attached to any lighting truss and can add 10’ increments up to 100’ of track depending on what your production needs are. It telescopes from 9’ retracted to 24’ extended. The encoding feature allows the operator to set stops at all positions. It is without a doubt the smoothest and most versatile crane of its kind in the world.

A Unique Film and Television Tool

After careful collaboration with top of the line operators, builders and innovators, and careful R and D... a unique film and television tool is brought to market. SkyTechno is able to telescope up to 24', do multiple 360 degree moves both at the head AND the fulcrum and also incline to 45 degrees. Add to this the ability to track as well, and you have a genuine capability of performing world first camera moves long thought too difficult... or indeed impossible!

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Highlighted Features

  • 100% Encoded
  • Stableized 2 Zxis Temote Talon Head
  • 360 Degree Capabilities
  • Tilt Down at 45 Degree Angle 24’ Below the Grid
  • 30’ of Dolly Track
  • Easily Add 10’ Increments, up to 100’
  • Telescopes from 9’ Retracted to 24’ Extended
  • Program Set Stops at All Positions
  • Smoothest and Most Versatile Camera Crane